Our methodology

An efficient and structured organization

Project Management

We have developed a methodology in project management mode divided into five areas of focus.

Time management

We plan and monitor production lead times with a Gantt chart communicated at the onset of the project.

Your time constraints as well as those of the service providers involved on a project are carefully studied in order to find the optimal planning solution.

Budget management

We evaluate the costs associated with the project (subcontracting, purchasing of goods, administrative procedures, etc.) so as to give you the opportunity to make your decisions in a global context and monitor expenses throughout the life of the project.

Skills management

Thanks to our qualified network of service providers and experts, we select the most relevant partners to support you in the implementation of your projects.

Tool management

We have at our disposal a set of tools so that we can set up and monitor the project: Gantt charts, project management software, reporting tools. It is important that these tools provide you with comfort and efficiency without creating an additional burden to your current organization, which is why we adapt our tools to your needs and systems.

Risk management

Our mission is also to anticipate the obstacles and risks related to your project. Whether the issue at stake is regulatory, budgetary, commercial or of a different nature, we identify and secure these risks in order to carry out the project under the best possible conditions.

The strength of a diverse network

We have developed a qualified network of service providers and experts who can be called upon at different stages of a project:
At the outset of the project, to help define the project, or during the project to carry out certain tasks involved in the mission.


Clinical Research






Our partners

Irisco relies on valuable partners.

Irisco is a member of Phytolia, a national interprofessional association representing parties involved in the health, beauty and well-being plant sectors. Bringing together all the players in the plant value chain, it is with a real commitment that Irisco has joined Phytolia to support its action in promoting the sector.

Irisco has chosen to establish its offices and head office in the city of Angers, in the Loire region in France, in a place called the Hive of Happiness by Olbee (la Ruche du Bonheur by Olbee).  This environment, rich in entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds, is an invaluable source of creativity and inspiration.