About us

Irisco is a project management company for the nutraceutical industry

What we do

Scientific marketing applied to nutrition and health is what Irisco offers you in order to create consistency between your scientific data and market expectations

Irisco’s founder

Marion Dumoulin is a pharmacist with a passion for medicinal plants. Ms. Dumoulin created Irisco in order to bring you her knowledge and her adaptability in the field of natural products.

Scientific marketing: what is it?

Irisco offers you a new field of expertise: scientific marketing applied to health and nutrition. Based on ten years of experience, this new field offers an answer to needs that have been observed in the plant industry. Diverging challenges, fragmented business lines, and distant visions between departments have a significant impact on the success of product development and enhancement projects. Today, the success of projects requires an overall cohesion around the product, where the latter is placed at the center of the process, where all disciplines are articulated thanks to a cleverly organized project management system. Irisco is the central point of contact capable of speaking all languages associated to the product (scientific, marketing, regulatory, etc.) to improve quality, value and efficiency.

Une histoire liée aux produits naturels

Parce que la santé commence par ce que nous mangeons, il n’y a qu’un pas

The founder

After a career as a pharmacist specialized in the industry, a first experience in the analysis of medicinal plants made me want to explore pharmacopoeia in the heart of the Mayan jungle. From wild harvesting, to the isolation of active compounds, and to the laboratory workbenches, my passion for plants and their healthy applications grew out of all the steps involved in the research conducted on natural products. A need and desire to develop skills throughout the natural products value chain have gradually emerged. My trademark consists in combining a refined, expert and focused vision on a given element in a project, with a global, multidisciplinary and proactive vision. This means exploring all aspects of a product to highlight its true value and show it to the world!